Code Enforcement

This is one person you might not want to encounter! Our Code Enforcement Officer! 

Report a Violation

‚ÄčThe City of Summerset is committed to keeping Summerset a safe and prosperous place for all the citizens and visitors.  Code Enforcement in Summerset currently falls under the direction of the Public Safety Commissioner and Police Department.
The mission of Code Enforcement is to assist in the administration and enforcement of City Ordinances, as related to public health and safety. Click on ordinances here.  Our Code Enforcement Officer responds to complaints registered by citizens, the Mayor, the City Council, or other City Officials.  If the Officer observes violations on their own they are authorized to initiate enforcement action rather than waiting for a complaint to be filed.

During site inspections our Officers record violations on subject property.  Once an inspection action is commenced the Officer will attempt to make person-to-person contact with the tenant and/or owner of the property and if necessary start the legal notification process.  Failure to have the property brought into compliance can result in the City taking further action to correct the violations and assess the cost to the property owner.

To report a code enforcement violation complete the form below or call (605) 718-2145.