Summerset: South Dakota's Youngest City

Summerset, South Dakota's newest city, is also the second fastest-growing community in the state. Situated in the Piedmont Valley along the foothills of the Black Hills and Interstate 90, Summerset is about midway between Rapid City and Sturgis.

Incorporated as a municipality in 2005, Summerset's City Government offers its residents its own state of the art sewer system, a police department, Public Works and other customary city services.
Made up mostly of newer single-family homes, Summerset is becoming more than a bedroom community for commuters to Rapid City and Sturgis. The city has a growing retail and commercial presence to serve its residents.
Stage Stop Road, just off Interstate 90 is the center of Summerset. The exit has a grocery store, a hotel, Boat Dealership, restaurants, two daycare centers, gas and several service companies. The City is also home to a retail strip mall and number of other businesses.
More than 50 new homes were built in 2013, and more are under construction. Within the city, a roughly 75-acre tract of land zoned commercial with access to city sewer, power, and water services stands ready for development interests. 
Summerset’s population is younger than most parts of the Black Hills. In 2012, nearly a third of the City's 2,100 residents were age 17 or younger, according to U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey. The median age was 28.5 years, compared with a statewide median of 36.8 years.
Meade School District Has Constructed a new middle school in Summerset to accommodate the growth of families.

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