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8am to 4pm

What We Do:

Utility Billing of wastewater and solid waste involves setting up accounts, billing, collection and maintaining approximately 2400 customers. All billings are processed internally and mailed on approximately the 1st of each month with a due date of the 20th of  each month. We encourage utility customers to use the automatic bank draft for payment of your utility bill. Click here to access our authorization form for automatic payments.

All Payments for Utilities accounts receivable, sales tax, property tax, grants, special assessment and various other departmental revenues are received into the Finance Department for accounting purposes. This also includes receiving and recording deposits for utility accounts.

Accounts Payable processes all vendor invoices for City departments, submitting a schedule of bills to be approved for payment by the City Commission on the second Monday of each month. Upon Commission approval, checks are printed and released the following day.

Payroll includes approximately 9 full-time with an additional 8 part-time employees. All maintenance, reports and records are prepared and retained through the Finance Department.

Data Processing computerizes many operations including utility billing, accounts payable, payroll, financial reporting, inventory, fixed asset tracking and all accounting records.

Records Management
collects, organizes and maintains all official City records such as Commission and board meeting minutes, resolutions, ordinances, grants, and bond documents.

Financial Management is the reporting of budgeted and actual receipts and expenses recorded and tracked with various reports generated for the City Commission and departments. Fund investing, establishing reserve funds, and repaying municipal bonds, are required by South Dakota Codified Law and are also an aspect of financial management.

Licensing  of businesses within the City, contractors performing work within the City  and maintaining the records pertaining to those licenses. The City of Summerset Finance Department is also responsible for all liquor licenses, within City limits, through the State of South Dakota. For a list of other licenses required by the City of Summerset please click here.

Municipal Elections and assisting citizens with election related items are done through the Finance Department. For more information please click here.‚Äč


Finance Department Staff

Finance Officer: Candace Sealey


Assistant Finance Officer: Brielle Schrock