Government & Administration

The city administrative office is home to the following departments and staff and is located at:

      Physical Address:                 

      7055 Leisure Lane                 

     Summerset, SD 57718              For directions to the office click here.
Administrative Office:             605 718-9858
Administrative Office Fax:         605 718-9883
Emergencies:             911
Police Department Office:    605 721-6806
Meade County Police Dispatch:    605 347-6381        
Police Department Fax:        605 721-6381
General Information E-mail:     

•   City Administrator: 
City Administrator- Lonnie Harmon                         605-718-2189
The City Administrator shall plan, direct, and coordinate, through appointed department heads, the various services and activities as determined by the Board of Commissioners in accordance with the City's Municipal Code.
•    Finance Department:
Finance Officer-Candace Sealey                                    605 718-9858 x2  
The City Finance Officer is responsible for the financial administration of city revenues and expenses.  Municipal elections and voter registration is also available through the Finance Office.  
•    Administrative Department:
Assistant Finance Officer- Morgan Valandra                605 718-9858 x1
General customer service, permits, planning and zoning and licensing applications are handled by the administrative and finance departments.
•    Police Department:
Police Chief-Don Allen                                                  605 721-6806     
The Police department’s primary charge is to protect the lives and property of Summerset and to preserve and protect the peace, security, safety, and welfare of the state and its people.