The City of Summerset currently has 2 parks that are designated for recreation.

  • Leisure Lane Park is located in the heart of Summerset South on Leisure Lane.
  • Steamboat Park is located in Sun Valley Estates on Steamboat Rd.

Both parks are maintained by the City's Public Works Department. 

                                  Leisure Lane Park                                                                                                Steamboat Park


Summerset Park Board

Chairperson:  Domico Rodriguez

​Yvonne Carter - Secretary

Travis Granum

Gwenn Markham

Dustin Hoiten

Tom Zimmerman

Jordan Pulscher

Commissioner Michael Kitzmiller

​                        AGENDA                                                   MINUTES

March 17, 2023 Park Board Agenda                         March 17, 2023 Minutes 

April 24, 2023 Park Board Agenda                            April 24 - no quorum present

May 18, 2023 Park Board Agenda Packet                May 18, 2023 Minutes

June 15, 2023 Park Board Agenda                             June 15, 2023 Minutes

July 20, 2023 Park Board Agenda                               July 20, 2023 Minutes

Aug. 17th, 2023 Park Board Agenda                         August 17th, 2023 Minutes

Sept. 21, 2023 Park Board Agenda                            Sept. 21st - no quorum present

Oct. 19th, 2023 Park Board Agenda                          Oct. 19th, 2023 Minutes

Nov. 16th, 2023 Park Board Agenda                         Nov. 16th, 2023 Minutes

Dec. 18th, 2023 Park Board Agenda                              Dec. 18th, 2023 Minutes

January 8, 2024 Park Board Agenda                                           January 8th, 2024 Minutes

February 12, 2024 Park Board Agenda


Park Shelter Reservations 

Shelters can be reserved in advance for picnics or other events. We only accept reservations made for the current year. A Clean-Up Deposit of $50 is required when the park has been reserved. The Summerset resident reserving the shelter will be held accountable for any damages incurred by their guests. After an inspection by the public works manager, the $50 deposit will be refunded if no damages were incurred and the shelter is left in satisfactory condition (trash removed, no big mess left). There is no fee for using the shelters.

To reserve a park shelter, contact the Summerset Finance office at (605) 718-9858. Once your request has been received, the City will contact you with availability information.  A signed Rental Agreement and deposit are required for all reservations. 


Park Shelter Reservation Form