Public Works

It is the goal of the Summerset Public Works Department to provide the safest driving surfaces possible, using the resources that we have available. If you have any questions or concerns please email or call City Hall at 605-718-9858.

Street lights- The City of Summerset is responsible for the maintenance of all black decorative street lights. All of  these poles have been labeled with a number to help identify which street light needs repaired. The City of Summerset is also responsible for the large cobra style lights along Sturgis Road which are also labeled with numbers. All wooden post street lights within the City Black Hills Energy is responsible for the repairs. To report a street light that is out please complete the contact form below.

Snow removal- The Public Works Department strives to maintain the safest roads possible. When the streets become hazardous due to ice, Public Works will sand or use liquid ice melt at intersections. Please remember, in the event of an accumulating snowfall, to remove all vehicles from the street as this helps with making snow removal much more effective. Vehicles that are not moved are subject to being ticketed and/or  towed. Thank you for your cooperation!

Solid Waste Collection- The City of Summerset  provides curbside sanitation service to residences of Summerset.  If you are a new resident or have questions about your garbage service, please call the Finance Office at (605) 718-9858. 

Public Works Resources:

Snow Removal Ordinance

City Ordinances

Snow removal map

To Report A Street Light Out:

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