Rule at Recycling!

Acceptable Items to Place in Recycling Bin:

Aluminum Bottles (beer)
Beverage Cans (beer, pop, etc.)
Hairspray Cans
Shaving Cream Cans
Spray Starch Cans

Beverage Bottles (beer, waters, wine, etc.)
Food Jars (baby food, mayonnaise, pickles, etc.)

Plastic #1, #2, #5, and #7 only - Look for recycle triangle and number on the bottom.
Beverage Containers (milk, soda, water, etc.)
Detergent Containers
Food Containers (ketchup, cottage cheese, etc.)
Hair Care Bottles (shampoo, etc.)

Coffee Cans
Empty Aerosol Cans
Empty Paint Cans
Food Cans (soup, tuna, vegetable, etc.)

Please Do Not Place in Recycling Cart:

• Aluminum Foil
• Automobile Oil
• Cardboard (shiny packaging)
• Ceramics
• Cereal Boxes
• Drinking Glasses
• Food Wrap

​• Light Bulbs
• Mirrors
• Packing Peanuts
• Paperboard
• Plastic Shopping Bags
• Pool Chemical Containers

​• Pyrex
• Scrap Metal
• Clothes Hangers
• Pie Tins/Roasting Pans
• Pots
• Styrofoam
• Toasters

• Toys
• Window Glass